The Separation Science Group

SSG, Ghent University

The Separation Science Group (SSG) at Ghent University aims at developing improved chromatographic, electrophoretic and MS strategies for organic solute analysis, purification and activity assessment. The group specializes in novel chemistries for columns for HPLC, GC, CEC and SFC, sample preparation approaches, the development of multidimensional approaches for the separation of complex samples of natural and synthetic origin and in the development of predictive algorithms allowing improved stationary phase optimized selectivity in chromatography.

The work on high-end applications focuses on the development of qualitative and quantitative methods, non-targeted approaches, fast UHPLC and on the implementation of hyphenated analytical platforms of chromatography and mass spectrometry in life sciences. More than 50 publications have been published in the past 5 years and 7 PhD-projects were completed.

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Contact Information


Prof. Dr. Frederic Lynen


Ghent University


Frederic Lynen is the head of a team which has been a leading research group in the field for many decades. He was appointed as the permanent chairman of the prestigious HTC conference series, and his students have won numerous poster awards at the HPLC conferences and won a silver medal at the Method Development Olympics at the COSMOS conference in 2012.

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PhD Position (m/f) – 1

Novel temperature responsive stationary phase for 1D and 2D-LC

PhD Position (m/f) – 2

Automating selectivity tuning for multi-dimensional chromatographic approaches.

Post-doc Position (m/f)

Postdoctoral Researcher